For quick and efficient
laying drip hoses
at the crops.

This machine cleverly places drip hoses in the right place near the crops.

Driptape laying machine

Drip irrigation and fertigation are increasingly used in arable farming. The advantages are that the water reaches the crop (the roots) at the right place, less water is needed and fertilizers can be applied at the same time. To lay the drip hoses in the soil in an efficient and fast way, ODV Techniek has developed a drip tape laying machine in cooperation with Aqua Feed. By means of a double disc system a groove is made in the soil. Then the drip hose is placed in the cut open soil and closes the soil behind it. After that the soil will be pressed by the spring-loaded pressure wheels. The elements can be mounted at any row spacing. The depth of each element is adjustable with a running wheel. The elements are suspended by means of a parallelogram, so that the entire unit follows the ground and the drip hose is always placed at the same depth in the soil. Optionally, a platform can be added for easy replacement of rolls of hose. This machine is characterized by its high travel speed and precise operation.

Interested in a Driptape laying machine? Please feel free to contact us.

Interested in a Driptape laying machine?

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