Mechanical alternative
for the removal
of weeds

A modular hoeing machine for avenue tree cultivation. Our Weed Profi is designed for row, greenbelt and full-field hoeing on both clay and sandy soils.

Modular configurations

Front configuration

Carried in the front, hoeing between the trees and in the queue is a success. This combination is available with rotating swivel hoes or regular swivel hoes. Multiple operations can be performed simultaneously.

Rear configuration

This configuration has the advantage that hoeing can take place in full fields, between trees and in rows. It is also available with rotating swivel hoes or regular swivel hoes.

Rotary swivel hoes

The rotary hoes are best suited for heavy hoeing work. Ideal for hoeing for the first time in spring and in dense vegetation.

Regular swivel hoes

The regular swivel hoes are suitable for light and medium hoeing work. Ideal for keeping track of the rows. An additional advantage is that swivel hoes guarantee a higher working speed.

Weed Profi hoeing machine

The Weed Profi is an intra row weeder and available as a modular hoeing machine in a variety of designs. The Weed Profi fits to any horticultural tractor. Thanks to our ingenious engineering process, the Weed Profi has a smart design: There are no mechanically driven parts; this ensures minimal wear and tear and minimal load on the towing vehicle. The result is less fuel consumption and a high working speed. This increases capacity without compromising on quality.

Optionally, various options can be added to the Weed Profi. These include rotating hoes, soil-following harrow discs or, for example, a crumbling roller. Would you rather get more information or try out the Weed Profi in real life? Then feel free to contact us. We are at your service.

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Weed profi schoffelmachine in de boomkwekerij


Modularly expandable with various attachments
Hydraulically adjustable in width
Carried in the front or behind, or as a towed version
Swing arms
Can be equipped with swing hoe or double rotary hoe to hoe between trees
Required power
From 18KW / 25HP
Required liters
From 15 liters per minute
Lifting direction
Cat. 1 and Cat. 2
Working speed
With swivel hoes up to 7 km/h | Without swivel hoes up to 15 km/h
Working widths
950mm min. to 1350mm max.
1250mm min. to 1950mm max.
1550mm min. to 2550mm max.
Row following
Machine width automatically adjusts according to the row
Rotary hoes, torsion sprung harrow discs (soil following), torsion weeders, harrow teeth, crumbler roller, idlers, row sprayer

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